Siobhan Curran

Siobhan Curran graduated magna cum laude from Providence College where she studied Biology. She went on to study life at the cellular level during her master’s degree. Her lab experiences include work with a variety of biological model organisms including S. cerevisiae, E. coli, and non-human primates. She has also worked with mammalian cell tissue culture as well as in vitro systems. Following her Masters, Ms. Curran taught Chemistry and Biology in private schools. Ms. Curran believes that every student is capable of scientific thought. Her classes emphasize the investigative process. In order to celebrate student work, she founded the Portsmouth Abbey School Art and Science Expo (PASASE). The Expo begins with a week-long scientific art show and culminates in a student science conference. At the Academy she will teach STEM and STW. Her electives at the Academy include biotechnology and painting.

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