At Mass Academy, you will find an active learning community that is serious yet informal, and demanding while supportive. We offer great opportunities for extraordinary students. You will be an active participant in learning through hands-on experimentation, open-ended problem solving, discussions, and group projects.

The Academy is an engaging and exciting learning environment that focuses on math, science, computer science, engineering and research, but offers equally rigorous preparation in the humanities and languages. We also offer a wide range of extra-curricular programs. If this appeals to you, and you are a tenth grader residing in Massachusetts, the Academy may be a good fit for you.

The Academy admits approximately 50 new students to the junior class each year, and admission is highly selective. Most candidates are high honors students in their current schools and many are in the top percentages of their classes. Successful applicants also have impressive lists of extracurricular activities and high standardized test scores. Admission criteria include high school grades, teacher recommendations, standardized achievement test scores, extracurricular activities, a personal essay, and scores on the Academy diagnostic test. 

Faculty & Students



The faculty of the Academy is comprised of the master teachers and visiting scholars who teach the juniors and, by association, the professors and instructors of WPI who teach the seniors. The four master teachers represent the core teaching staff. They are experienced, inventive, lively, thoughtful, caring adults – exemplary classroom practitioners. The visiting scholars, typically four, are equally intelligent and responsive. They come to the Academy to work and study alongside the master teachers, frequently contributing special expertise gained in previous teaching positions, industry, business or research. In turn, the outstanding professors and instructors of WPI provide university-level expectations and content in a dynamic and rigorous way.

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The 100 or so students of the Academy represent the geography of central Massachusetts and beyond. They are smart, motivated, challenging, friendly, and respectful adolescents, particularly adept at math and science, but by no means limited to these fields, as their poems, theatre productions, music recitals, and prowess in athletics will attest. As all adolescents, they experience good times and hard times to the max; but their determination to do well and desire to do good mark them as very special young people indeed.

Home towns and cities of students, 1993-2010

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